Spittin' Game

What we do


We throw kick ass parties with great wine paired with incredible food. This isn't your parents wine tasting. So get your ass off the couch, put down the changa, and throw on some pants - its time embrace your inner trash person. 

Why do we do it


You want to have a real housewives tag line but your tax bracket says otherwise. Unite and evangelize the garbage gospel. 

How do we do it


We break into your ex -husband's wine cellar and bring the goods to your recycled tinder location. Your caviar order meets your barbie dreams. Bring your Betty Ford groupies! 

Trash Team

Ani: Leader of the Garbage People


Nick Name? 
Spag Hag, Last Night Fresh, Whole Cluster Custer
How did you get to be a Garbage person? 

I was born like this! 
What do you do for the trash people? 

I drink enough at every event that no one else can really look bad in comparison- I lower the bar.

Real Housewives tag line?

A fine wine gets better with age, and with wine, I violate my parol.
Favorite Season? 
My birthday- and trust me, I make it a season.
When you're not being a garbage person, what are you doing?

Destroying comforters, picking flowers from other people's yards, convincing my friend's that they will end up alone

3 fun facts:
*I was a competitive chicken wing eater for 3 years on the East Coast

*I've never eaten a slice of pizza with a knife and fork and I never will

*I was once kicked out of a strip club for being too cheap

Rebecca: Organizer of the Garbage People


Nick Name? 
Becca, Becks, The Worst
How did you get to be a Garbage person? 
It was a skill that has been cultivated over time but if I could pin point an exact moment, I would say it was when I met Ani in college. After meeting a unicorn, is there any turning back? 
What do you do for the trash people? 
Ever heard of herding cats? Yeah, thats what I do. 

Real Housewives tag line?

I wish my boobs were as big as my ego
Favorite Season? 
Rose Season.. duh
When you're not being a garbage person what are you doing?

Well, since at my core I really believe I embody the brand, most related activities include drinking good wine, cooking incredible food, traveling to new places to eat more good food and drink more good wine, and watching as much Bravo as a person can stomach.

 3 fun facts: 
*I have incredibly good parking karma
*I can wiggle my ears
*I have a dog named Kathy who, as I write this, is currently chewing her tail. She is our mascot and if you disagree that she is not the cutest dog in the entire world then I will low key cut you... but like with love. 

Sasha: Marketing to the Garbage People


Nick Name? 
Sash, Saucy Minx, The Loud One
How did you get to be a Garbage person? 

I went to WSU, I shouldn't really have to say more. But I enjoy talking so...throw in some daddy issues, healthy does of child hood trauma and hooker nails. Voilà 
What do you do for the trash people? . 
Getting the good word out and gatherer of fellow garbage people. I make stuff look pretty cause I'm pretty ( fuckin loud). 

Real Housewives tag line?

He likes to call me Senorita, I like to call him Sugar Daddy
Favorite Season? 
Harvest Season! 
When you're not being a garbage person what are you doing?

Acting in true garbage fashion at local music venues, painting Kathy like a naked french lady, and doing boss bitch shit. 
3 fun facts 
*I do quite the Britney Spears impersonation. 
*My elbows are double jointed. 
*Joey Fatone gave me a root beer once and complimented my tube top (top that bitches). 


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